April 23, 2015

Expand space on CSV Cluster

By Geekphreek

Every now and then we have that “Oh gees, I didn’t assign the VM enough space” moment. Usually it’s when you are using a SAN or, in my case, StarWind Virtual-SAN.

First you need to expand the physical LUN if you do not have enough space. In my case, that was just as simple as opening StarWind Console, clicking on the drive and then clicking “Expand HA Image”, then typing a new size.

Next we need to let the cluster know that the disk has changed.

Find the owner of the disk in Cluster Manager by opening it and drilling down to Disks. It will say which Node owns the disk.
Log in to this server as an administrator.
Open a command prompt.
Type “Diskpart” to open the disk partition manager
Type “rescan” so Windows will check all disks
“list volume” will now show you all the volumes. Find the one you expanded, I will use the number 5 for this example.
“select volume 5”, this selects the volume that you added more physical space to
“extend”, guess what that does 🙂
“list volume” to make sure that you have extended the partition correctly. It should report back the correct size.
“exit” to bail out of diskpart gracefully.

Next you will need to physically extend your VHDx image file. If you are on Windows 2012R2 and you added the disk as SCSI then you can do this live. If you haven’t and it’s just an IDE disk then you will need to take down your server to resize the disk (Hi Geekphreek, you made this mistake, didn’t you, old chum!?!).

Shutdown your Hyper-V unless you are the clever bugger that did a SCSI disk, go to Hyper-V Manager and Edit Disk. Browse through to your disk, next, Expand disk, next, type new size, Finish. Once it has resized you will need to power up the VM again. Log in to Windows within the VM, go to Disk Manager and you will find your new free space. Either right click on your partition and extend the data or you can now right click in the free space and make a new disk. The choice is up to you.