PowerShell script to email disk spaces (including HA Clusters)

Every now and again we don’t rely on the tools that companies such as ManageEngine & SpiceWorks force down our throats and just go back to good old fashioned scripts… that email themselves with cool data in them.

Have you ever needed to have all your servers email you there current space? How about your cluster? How about in the same report? Well, if you’re clever enough and already done it then you can go back to picking your nose and eyeing up your bosses secretary (that is such a sexy outfit today, eh?).

Here ya go folks; bastardise this to your hearts discontent:

Ah, so satisfying! Go impress your bosses with this bad code that works great! Shout out to MSDN folks and The Scripting Guy for the code I stole before cutting it to little pieces.

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