November 27, 2020

Download Wistia Embedded Video

By Geekphreek

Wistia is another video hosting service like Vimeo. They have quite advanced techniques to stop any downloading of video content but there is a way, there’s always a way.

If you stumble across a website and you find embedded video you’d like, take a looksy at the website source code. Do a ‘find’ and look for ‘wvideo’, it’ll look something like this:

<p><a href=""><img src=";image_crop_resized=960x540&amp;image_play_button=1&amp;image_play_button_color=28374ee0" width="400" height="225" style="width: 400px; height: 225px;"></a></p><p><a href="">Friends of Notre Dame_NDP_FINALRevised GFX_111920 (1).mp4</a></p>

Note the “” but more importantly that last bit, ‘3jjlher9gi’. That’s the ID of the video file.

With a little bit of youtube-dl magic (grab if you don’t have it), do this:


All you’re doing is adding the file ID after that iframe/ and voila, beautiful video from Wistia becomes yours.

PS: Don’t download copyright content. This is just a demonstration on how you can download from Wistia, great if you forget your account password and need to get your content back 😉