Copy newer files than last sync to Tablet

I download TV shows. Technically it’s a crime but they have already aired so I feel justified that I download them for catch up. The problem is that I never keep right up with a show and end up trying to work out which one I last watched. I also commute a lot, so I have a tablet (yes, it’s a BlackBerry Playbook, but it does the job) that I watch the shows on.

My issue comes from trying to get the right shows on to my tablet so the computer knows which ones to copy, which ones have already been on it before and which ones to ignore. The best way to do this, I have found, is to mark a file with a date from last sync and only copy those files to the tablet. I also need to detect if the tablet is on the network and mount it. The below script is pretty crude but it does the job. The only thing it doesn’t do is work out if I will have enough space on the tablet to take the files it’s copying. I may add to it further down the line (doubtful) but for now, here is the script:


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