Windows Cannot Find The File Specified
One thing I regularly come across in system’s administration is the handy Mac user that has somehow managed to a white space on the end of a file or folder on the Windows CIFS/SMB share. Windows doesn’t tend to care about it too much until you go to move/rename/delete it […]

Windows delete folder/file/directory with trailing white space

To any newbies with setting up NGINX it can be a dull and painful experience, or an enjoyable one if you’re that way inclined. Installing on Debian is simple but there’s a little trick you MUST remember to do: If you are getting “520 bad gateway” and in your error […]

NGINX 520 bad gateway and error 111 in the error ...

One of things that keeps cropping up is the need to install fonts on to machines that are domained. Up until recently I had my techs go to the machine physically or remote on to install fonts as you have to be an Admin since Vista. If it’s just a […]

Distribute fonts using GPO and a share

I have been fighting with this for a few hours now and finally cracked it. If you have any special characters in your Zoho mail password you cannot use SMTP auth built in to Prestashop 1.6, so forget about it. To get around this you will need to use postfix […]

Prestashop & Zoho mail & Postfix relay

For anyone that is setting up Owncloud and using A/D then you need to know one extra important piece of information: To get it to use the username as the home folder like most people do you need to LDAP\Expert and then add in to Internal Username “sAMAccountName”. Now the […]

Username and $user isn’t right when using CIFS/SMB in Owncloud ...

Sometimes you just need to make your life easier and let’s face it, EditShare do not do that unless you pay them large chunks of cash. You hand over teh cash, they give you EditShare Ark which sucks balls for the most part as it’s based on Bacula and not […]

EditShare Project Backup automation

I’ve seen this one about a lot and yesterday it happened to me. Windows 10 has a thing about fonts, but it seems it only has a thing about fonts when it isn’t in control via… the FIREWALL! If you’ve disabled the firewall service then you can no longer install […]

Windows 10 dreaded “This does not appear to be a ...

This is quite a simple one but it’s one that I need to do often, usually from scripts. Grab yourself the tool “sendemail” (on Debian it’s just ‘apt install sendemail’). The structure of sendemail is easy: sendemail -f "from email address" -t "to email address" -u "Subject line" -m "your […]

Send email from bash command line (CLI)

This is more for myself, I always struggle to find the repo for Debian for Linux servers: wget -O /tmp/proliant.gpg apt-key add /tmp/proliant.gpg echo -e "deb jessie/current non-free" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hp.list apt update And then for the tool I always need: apt install hpacucli

HP Debian Repository

I recently went the Windows 10 route to get to know the system inside out for a few months before attempting to roll it out in the company (God help me!). One of the first things I noticed was even though I have Office 365, Cortana didn’t use my Outlook/Exchange […]

Use Exchange Calendar and Contacts with Cortana

I’m a fan of order and logic but sometimes I hang my head and wonder what is going through developer’s minds when they do some lame stuff. Today’s rant is at the MS Azure Directory Sync and when you’re UPN and email address in your AD just do not match […]

Office 365 and onmicrosoft as primary SMTP

If anyone out there needs some awesome royalty free symbols and icons then look no further than Unfortunately they have changed the layout and now it’s an absolute whore to get around on. Here are some links for ease to the older packs: […]

Funky icons required?