January 17, 2013

Avidemux export for Avid Composer import

By Geekphreek

This is one from work.  We use Avid, a lot.  The problem is it’s really finiky about what you can push in to it.  One free and fast work around is to use avidemux to re-encode or rewrap your video so it can read it.

Grab Avidemux from http://avidemux.sf.net

Fire it up, open you file, let’s assume it’s an MP4 or FLV from youtube.  Click Next/Yes to use Safe Mode on the video if asked.

Now, just use the following settings on the left to export:

Video Codec = MPEG4-AVC / Audio Codec = AC3 (lavc) / Container = MP4

Hit save video.  Wait a bit and tada, an MP4 that can be imported in to Avid Media Composer 5+.