Windows 7 always logs in with temporary profile 5

Oh yes, Microsoft gets better with time. This time it’s the illusive Windows Roaming profiles compatibility issue. If you’re running a Windows 2000/2003 domain you’ll certainly run in to this one.

Windows 7 requires an extra profile location created with .v2 splattered on the end of it. For example, John Doe signs up to your company, you create his user and push his profile to:


You set that location in your AD under the profile tab too. You log him in to XP, it’s all cool. He logs in to the Windows 7 pro box and Windows goes “Windows has logged you in with a temporary profile as I’m lame and don’t have a clue.” You check the event log, you get some random crap about it not having rights. Here’s the fix, create:


Give John access rights to both directories and don’t forget to allow System and Administrators those rights too. Now when you log in, Windows 7 will say “Happy days”.


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5 thoughts on “Windows 7 always logs in with temporary profile

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