April 30, 2014

Windows 2012 RDS Configuration

By Geekphreek

Although I have purchased 5 CALs for my 2012 Remote Desktop Server, they expired today and no one could use it.  Very odd.  On closer inspection I had an error saying:

Set the mode on the Remote Desktop Session Host to either Per User or Per Device.

Fine, I will.  So I went off to find where in the GUI you can do this.  After 30 minutes of fruitless effort, I caved.  Everywhere on the web tells you where to set this for 2008, which it does at initial configuration but on 2012 I really struggled.  Right, PowerShell it is then:

import-module RemoteDesktopServices


It spat this at me:

Mode LicenseServer

—- ————-
NotConfigured {XXXXXBES10.xxxxxxx.local}

Right, so, just set that then:

Set-RDLicenseConfiguration -Mode PerUser

And voila, fixed it.