September 30, 2012

Urban Terror – cURL library missing/can’t download maps

By Geekphreek

Another annoyance with the linux world is that if you something even slightly custom then things don’t gel together perfectly.  Today’s issue is that when I decided to play a map on Urban Terror that I didn’t have on version 4.2, manually installed on Gentoo, it couldn’t find the cURL library.

Suffice to say, it’s Gentoo, it has all the libraries if you’ve installed the actual app/util/program.  I did a quick check in my environment and sure enough I have in both /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64; alas the config file in ~/.qta/q3ut4/ called q3config.cfg had an error.

Go search in the config file for and you will note that some donut has added a .3 on the end.  Remove and tada, we have fully functional retrieval of maps.

seta cl_cURLLib “”