December 3, 2017

Stop screen tearing/sheering in Debian with Nvidia cards

By Geekphreek

On thing that I find annoying on Linux is that many compositors haven’t implemented full vsync which will give us screen tearing. KDE has it built in as does Mate (I believe), but I use XFCE and while watching a YouTube video or scrolling through sites you see lots of tear lines and mismatched graphics. They quickly correct themselves but it’s still really irritating.

The fix is simple, throw this line in to your xorg.conf file in the Screen section:

Option "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0 {ForceCompositionPipeline=On, ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On}"

I didn’t have an xorg.conf on my Debian Stretch build with the real Nvidia drivers. I had to generate it with “sudo nvidia-settings”. If you do it this way you can go to X Server Display Configuration, click the Advanced button and check the “Full composit” check box.

Nvidia Settings Advanced

Nvidia Settings Advanced

Hit save and use /etc/X11/xorg.conf as the path. Reboot. Tada, no screen tearing.