September 19, 2011

Slow HP Server running Windows 2003 R2 64bit

By Geekphreek

There are times when you think to your self “Why the Hell Windows, just, WHY!?”

This is generally when you realise that something so simple is causing the server to behave completely erratically but you can’t put your finger on it. In this case, I have a HP DL385 quad core, 8Gb of ram running Exchange. I thought initially that install the BESx software on the server killed its speed. It still functioned, just ridiculously slowly.

It came to a head tonight when I had to patch it and it ground to a halt. It’s soooo sloow. I started researching what could cause it. Everyone did the usual posts of reboot in to safemode, is it quick then, did you do this patch, that registry edit. I thought I’d start with the basics and actually disable the services I don’t need/want.

Off went DHCP client (it’s a fixed IP server), next went the HP Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service and voila! All of a sudden, the OS starts performing correctly and at full speed!

Thanks HP, yet another service from you guys that breaks your hardware!