March 27, 2012

Round the distro’s and back again

By Geekphreek

As many of my friends know, I’m very much a Linux enthusiast and have spent much of my time publicly speaking out and saying how amazing it is and the price tag hat comes with it.

Over the past year or two I’ve really been flitting between different variants of the Debian distro. It’s not that I don’t like Redhat style, or Suse’s; I just prefer the DEB package management. I’ve spent a bit of time hanging out with the Ubuntu crowd. Although they have been helpful there are also a lot of muppets that you have to deal with. Not only that, what the Hell has Unity done with their interface? I love the command line so no biggy in some respects, but gees boys, fix it.

I moved on and then went with Linux Mint. This took Ubuntu and effectively gave us blistering beauty all over with the lovely Gnome 2. This was my default distro for quite some time until I hit the “I need to sort a server out” wall and then I grabbed the ever reliable and rock solid Debian Stable. After running this on the server I noticed something… it’s a Hell of a lot faster than Ubuntu or even Linux Mint.

So I installed Debian Stable for Desktop, 6.0.3. Combining it with Debian-Multimedia repo, it’s got to be still the fastest and purest distro going. Why did I ever leave!?