April 11, 2011

Quicktime 7.69 deploy via GPO

By Geekphreek

Deploying quicktime via Group Policy is a complete and total bitch, for anyone that hasn’t done it yet.  I’d like to thank Apple for allowing me to waste a number of hours searching for this fix.

I’ve created a nice MST though that allows it to work without issues (attached), you will how ever in GPO have to tick the “ignore language” box under the advanced options.  Why any software vendor would publish an English language application with nothing but English content and then set the installer language to Taiwanese……. Oh yes, it’s an Apple product all right!

QuickTime 7.69 MST

Don’t forget to install the AppleApplicationSupport.msi first otherwise QT just won’t work.


Oh, honourable mention here is InstEd MSI Editor, it’s FREE!