November 18, 2011

Outlook for Mac sends plain text via Exchange

By Geekphreek

Recently a new company merged in with my current one and all they brought with them was Macs. I’m already a linux geek so getting to grips with the funky Macs wasn’t too stressful as I just dropped to a Bash shell and played away at that level. It scares the Hell out of Mac users who are always so used to shiny GUI things.

Anyway, one of the big gripes was that since they moved in and started using the Exchange server, all their externals mails turned to plain text. I checked in the spam filtering company and they didn’t make changes to the headers of the emails. Internally, HTML mail worked fine between users. It was driving me mad.

After some serious google searching I came across and they mentioned that a send connector was set to ContentType=MimeText and not MimeHtmlText.

get-remotedomain | set-remotedomain -ContentType MimeHtmlText

Tada! Fixed. Thanks guys!