August 8, 2011

MP4 Encode and Streaming

By Geekphreek

One of the things that I’ve found recently is there is an awful lot of people who struggle to use the FLV file format (yes, that means anyone who invested in something Apple-ish!). For those of us that need to be cross platform, we’ve been forced to change to newer formats.

Luckily, most browsers now allow for directly embedding content in to the HTML but you’ll need to get it in to the right format first. This script which uses FFMPEG will do just that, and spit out a lovely HTML and MP4 file for you to upload to your site and use instantly.

Here ya go: mp4encode

You can play about with the HTML section as much as you like to make it generate pages on the fly. Trust me, this script has been mightily useful. Ok, so the BASH scripting probably isn’t all that and I could tidy it plenty, but it suits my needs and maybe can be adapted for yours!