February 20, 2010

Mint Linux 8 bits and bobs

By Geekphreek

For anyone that knows me, you know I’m one of the biggest Linux fans out there.  My background started in the DOS days, PC and MS versions and I’ve been a natural born CLI lover since.  One of the things I used to love about Linux so much was living down and dirty at the Shell but I’m a bit down cast about the fact that Mint Linux is so tight on the GUI that you no longer need to drop to the Shell to do anything.

So you lot won’t see this as a bad thing, especially Windows lovers.  One of the things I have found though is that my favourite apps and utils aren’t available as default installs.  So, here’s my little list of things to install to set things right:

First up is Skype is missing.  Simple fix, fire up Synaptic Package Manager, Settings, Repositories, Other tab, click the Add button and drop in this line:

deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free

Click close, Reload and then you’ll find Skype in the list.  Check it and install.

Next on my list is a distinct lack of MSN with webcam enabled software.  For this you will want aMSN, it’s already in the list, check that too.  CD burning, well, there’s only one non-commercial app I’ll trust for that and it’s K3B, check that.  If you want, uncheck empathy and Brasero as they are installed by default but you don’t require them as you’ve just installed replacements.

I code for websites, no tools for that either, so check Bluefish.  It’s not WYSIWYG as I believe that it’s more What You See Is Not What You Get Or Anywhere Near It.  If you do love some WYSIWYG action though, check Komposer.  Any one with a little DreamWeaver usage under their belt will feel right at home.  To go with my web work, I’m also a heavy GIMP user (Gnu Image Manipulation Program).  It’s a very powerful package and comparable to Photoshop but being GPL there are lots of additions to it.  Grab the extra packages by checking gimp-data-extras, gimp-save-for-web and gimp-plugin-registry.

Hit Apply and wait while your software downloads and installs.  You’ll be a happy bunny when it’s done.