November 6, 2012

LMDE with UP5 on 2012.04 not connecting to SMB/CIFS

By Geekphreek

I don’t know if anyone else out there runs any LMDE installs, it’s a cracking build of Linux based upon Debian Testing but with all the bells and whistles of Ubuntu install (it’s user friendly).  It’s a rolling distro and works pretty damn fine and I’m from a Gentoo background.

There are a few issues though if you are putting this in a working environment where say you have some Windows 2003 R2 servers or above.  I’ve installed the XFCE edition and it’s missing some important ingredients such as SMBCLIENT, a way to get email from MS Exchange and I have noticed a breakage in GTK apps across GTK2 and GTK3.

The fastest way to pull in the missing bits is to install the following packages either from synaptic or apt-get/aptitude.  Here’s what I did:

sudo aptitude remove mint-x-theme

sudo aptitude install evolution evolution-ews mint-artwork-xfce mintconfig-xfce mint-meta-debian-core mint-meta-debian-xfce smbclient

Once this is done, you should see some improvement in theme, connectivity and the alike.  Mapping Windows machines will now work fine too.

Oh, if you start seeing lots of 0,[] or O sort of text instead of correct labels, your font isn’t set right.  Go to Settings/Appearance/Fonts and change it from opensymbol or what ever it’s set to and put it on something sensible like sans.