January 26, 2010

HP Proliant DL185 G5 64bit

By Geekphreek

I’ve just blown away and rebuilt an HP DL185 G5. After installing all of the drivers from the HP website for the model, using Windows Server x64 R2 SP2, there is still 2 devices which are wanting drivers.

One is a raid, the other an Unknown.

The raid driver required is the Broadcom HT1000, you’ll find that easy enough on Google.

The unknown is a bitch to find. HP couldn’t tell me what it was. Turns out it’s for a Remote ILO board, even though the system doesn’t have one. You have to install this beauty to fix it:

IPMI infless Install

Yes, it’s not even for the same model, but it’s a NULL patch to shut it up complaining. It’ll then go in as HP NULL IPMI Controller. The device hardware ID is ACPI\IPI0001\0.

I hope this helps someone 🙂