This is more for myself, I always struggle to find the repo for Debian for Linux servers: wget -O /tmp/proliant.gpg apt-key add /tmp/proliant.gpg echo -e "deb jessie/current non-free" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hp.list apt update And then for the tool I always need: apt install hpacucli

HP Debian Repository

I recently went the Windows 10 route to get to know the system inside out for a few months before attempting to roll it out in the company (God help me!). One of the first things I noticed was even though I have Office 365, Cortana didn’t use my Outlook/Exchange […]

Use Exchange Calendar and Contacts with Cortana

I’m a fan of order and logic but sometimes I hang my head and wonder what is going through developer’s minds when they do some lame stuff. Today’s rant is at the MS Azure Directory Sync and when you’re UPN and email address in your AD just do not match […]

Office 365 and onmicrosoft as primary SMTP

If anyone out there needs some awesome royalty free symbols and icons then look no further than Unfortunately they have changed the layout and now it’s an absolute whore to get around on. Here are some links for ease to the older packs: […]

Funky icons required?

Every now and again we don’t rely on the tools that companies such as ManageEngine & SpiceWorks force down our throats and just go back to good old fashioned scripts… that email themselves with cool data in them. Have you ever needed to have all your servers email you there […]

PowerShell script to email disk spaces (including HA Clusters)

For those of us working on a budget, we don’t have MS OpCenter or the alike. With this in mind, some of us still deploy images the old fashioned way using a WIM and USB stick. Those images get out of date pretty fast and keeping them up to date […]

Slipstream Windows 7/7.1/8/8.1 image

Every now and then we have that “Oh gees, I didn’t assign the VM enough space” moment. Usually it’s when you are using a SAN or, in my case, StarWind Virtual-SAN. First you need to expand the physical LUN if you do not have enough space. In my case, that […]

Expand space on CSV Cluster

I download TV shows. Technically it’s a crime but they have already aired so I feel justified that I download them for catch up. The problem is that I never keep right up with a show and end up trying to work out which one I last watched. I also […]

Copy newer files than last sync to Tablet

One of the things that has bothered me for awhile is trying to get across the sheer quantity of servers I have and making sure they are all happy.  There are a lot of tools and bits of software, most use agents, to monitor how well your server is feeling. […]

Powershell: Email event logs to X

So this is a weird one.  After an upgrade from SP1 to CU7 the Exchange server would go nuts.  It would send a couple of emails, start throwing errors about resources, the throttling would come in and go medium then high.  At that point it pretty much locked up and […]

Exchange 2013 error after upgrade