January 20, 2010

Facebook CSS/Style/Look

By Geekphreek

With millions of people on Facebook, you would have thought the most they would allow you to do is change the layout to be a little more fun or interesting. Better yet, do the MySpace way and allow you to customise your personal profile.

No, Facebook users, they won’t even give you this little privilege. Well, there’s an awesome hack available for Firefox users called Stylish from those wicked people over at http://userstyles.org.  Go and install the add-on, then restart your Firefox.  Now go to http://userstyles.org and select from one of the many awesome Facebook layouts available.

It only adjusts your Facebook look, it doesn’t affect the page at all for anyone else.  Mine now looks like this:

Facebook Screen Shot

Facebook after Stylish

The Style I’m using is Dark Static, Transparency.

Enjoy folks.