September 22, 2012

Draytek Vigor 2910VG wan speeds

By Geekphreek

Sometimes you go looking for information and no matter how much you try, you can’t actually find what you are looking for. This is yet again one of those occasions.

I’ve recently had my speed increase on Virgin Media to 60Mbps and I was dismayed that I wasn’t getting the speeds I thought I would; in fact it was only 16-18Mbps.

After much testing, directly connecting to the new modem/router was giving me 60Mbps+ but my old trusty Vigor 2910VG security router was only pushing sub 20 speeds. It’s a shame, they are rock solid but just not capable of today’s speeds, that’s even after the firmware upgrade to

Hopefully this may be of use to someone else. I can vouch for the Draytek 2920 Series though, I’ve got one on a 50Mbps business line and it’s absolutely fine.