September 28, 2012

Draytek 3900 Teleworker connection

By Geekphreek

We’ve just upgraded our kit at work from the 29xx series to something a little more industrial.  4 x Gb links for wan and 2 x Gb lan links and this puppy is solid.

One thing bothered me, where the Hell did Draytek move the telework or remote VPN section off to?  All the usual Lan to Lan is in there, a PPP section with options such as MSCHAP-v2 and encryption but nothing else.  Turns out they split it.  Under “VPN and Remote Access” and then “PPP” set the options you want for your PPTP or IPSEC teleworkers.  Once you have done that, go to “User Management” then “User Profile” and add a new user in here.  That’s it, job done.

One issue I did hit how ever was that it wouldn’t relay a DHCP address off to the teleworker so I’ve had to set static IP addresses for them.  I’ll post up when I work out how the Hell to do the hand over.