December 27, 2009

Blackberry Bold 9000 OS install

By Geekphreek

So RIM have done it again and released an upgrade in Beta for the Bold and 8900.

I’ve grabbed down the software, installed on a trusty Toshiba Tecra 8000 PIII running Windows 2000 which I use solely for feking about with Blackberrys and just going through the install process now. Vender.xml file deleted, apploader ran.

I’m currently on, O2 network in the UK. I’m doing the upgrade different this time, I’m letting the software handle the device data backup and restore during the upgrade where as I’d usually wipe it with JL_Commander and install fresh. I’ve already done a backup through BB Desktop 4.7, so the data is safe.

It’s connected to the ROM and loading now – time is 9:56pm…
OS and Apps loaded up at 10:15pm.

Let’s drive her….

Reinstalling BBM 5 .57 and Shazam, other than that, the other apps all backed up fine. Yay, all good.