February 3, 2014

Blackberry 10 Balance and not being able to add other EAS from same company

By Geekphreek

Blackberry Enterprise Server/Service has always been pretty good at what it does.  One of the new features that has come in with BB10 is balance.  Once you have added a user to the BES10 server it adds a work account.  Now, we have PAs that have always also had their bosses account added so they could see the calendars.  If you try to add someone else that also has a BES10 account, you get told politely to bugger off as it doesn’t support multiple Balance accounts.

Okay, so that’s a fail.  Next choice, try to add an Exchange Active-Sync (EAS) account as that’s what the underlying server is.  Again, the Blackberry will tell you that this isn’t possible as the domain is controlled by a Blackberry server.

So, what do you do?  You now have rolled out a device which is effectively useless for PA’s and secretary’s who at least need to be able to see their bosses calendars.  I asked around on the Crackberry forums and Blackberry forums but everyone seems to be in the same boat.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t let this one go.

Being the Exchange admin as well, I decided to see if I could work around this as the BlackBerry says it can’t added the account because of the same domain.  Right, so everyone has ABC.com externally but internally I also use companyname.ltd as an SMTP namespace (old school DNS, we’re not allowed this as of 2015, just in case you guys need to migrate your forests/domains).

Settings, Accounts, Advanced, Exchange Account.  Configure using all the usual settings for domain, username, etc.  Instead of using the bosses ABC.com account, use a different domain name that is also associated with the account and voila, you can now add it.

Ok, so it’s not managed by BES but it’s a necessary evil for us and this gets us moving.