July 25, 2012

.bbb to .ipd conversion for data extraction/export/copy contacts

By Geekphreek

Well that was fun, kind of! I needed to backup a Blackberry 9900 and copy the contacts to a new Android device. Lots of research done online and the two methods are Sync with Outlook or using Google Sync for Blackberry.

Now the fun part: If you don’t have Outlook you opt for Google Sync. Google Sync installed, I go to sync contacts with my new shiny GMail account but alas, no new contacts even though it says it has done it. On deeper research I have 2 Contact lists on my phone. 1 is GMail and the other is UNKNOWN. All my contacts are stored under UNKNOWN. Great, this option is not valid.

Next, I get Outlook, I set up Blackberry Desktop Manager 7.0 and try and sync, same issue. None of the contacts from the UNKNOWN list export.

By now I’m running out of time and just need something that works. I spit out a backup and lo and behold we have a new format: .BBB. RIM just couldn’t stick to .IPD could they! ABC Amber converter didn’t work, Blackberry Extractor did but they want £15 for the privilege and even though I tried to register it wouldn’t work. Some people said to rename the .bbb to a zip and extract and there’s an IPD in there. This was the case pre-DM7 days but no more. Stumped for a bit I consulted the internet. Someone screamed about an App called Magicberry from http://www.menastep.com/MagicBerry.exe so I gave it a whirl. Yes, it opened the .BBB file and then hung. Interestingly though, it had done something funny to the file and the path was set to my temp folder. I went to %TEMP% and then in to the folder and tada, a new .IPD file. MagicBerry extracts the .bbb data and then makes a .ipd.

That was all I needed. I then copied to a safe location, opened in ABC Amber and tada! All data extracted. Thanks to those on crackberry.com forums for all the advice they gave me without knowing it 🙂