I’m Geekphreek, long term internet surfer (sufferer) and general jack of all trades sysadmin. I like holes in code and logical workarounds. Sometimes I play the corporate field but prefer the dank and dark world of petty SMBs with egotistical board members who throw papers in the air and expect you to read their minds.

I created this blog to collect most of my own frustrations, especially when the info is sporadic and not in one place.

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  • stu harris says:

    I just read your article on Windows 7 sysprep I was wondering if you can help me I am currently using a Dell Precision T3400 Workstation running Windows 7 pro 64 bit…I have it set up ever so perfectly !!! mean so perfect !!!

    I am currently in the process of building a new machine an I7-2700K killer machine,,,with very different hardware than my current machine…i want to use sysprep to move my current SSD to my new machine…I was told by a friend that I need to run sysprep from windows/system32/sysprep and choose generalize and oobe and quit…I then plan on using ghost to create an image on my external USB hard drive….Then after the new system is built restore the ghosted image to my SSD….will this work and still retain all my settings and programs ??

    I guess at this point I should really only have to deal with new drivers and re-activation of Win 7 ??

    The thing is that after sysprep I know the administrator account is disabled and this is where all my stuff is on my current machine, so I guess during the OOBE create an account to log in with and just re-enable my original administrator account and all my stuff should be as it was on the old machine ??

    When I say “my stuff” I mean installed programs and firefox desktop Icons (which is what I use in addition to bookmarks) these are sites I visit almost EVERY day

    I really don’t think need to do the whole answer file thing as this is NOT A MASSIVE DEPLOYMENT merely to just move to a new computer…any suggestions would be appreciated thanks in advance…Stu

  • geekphreek says:

    Stu, you have probably done this by now, but all you need to do is backup the C:\Users\Administrator account and dump it over.

    No one has a killer set up, it’s Windows. If you fresh install it, it’ll run a Hell of a lot quicker for awhile.

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