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Just a little something I needed to do: ## Export contacts: ldifde -f .\ExternalContacts.csv -s SERVER -d “ou=Contacts,dc=group,dc=ltd” ## Import contacts: ldifde -i -f .\ExternalContacts.csv -s SERVER

Export contacts or OU from AD

Although I have purchased 5 CALs for my 2012 Remote Desktop Server, they expired today and no one could use it.  Very odd.  On closer inspection I had an error saying: Set the mode on the Remote Desktop Session Host to either Per User or Per Device. Fine, I will. […]

Windows 2012 RDS Configuration

Lesson of the day: If you are running Debian or Ubuntu and you have Exim4 configured with a smarthost, chances are that your mail delivery for phpmail will fail. The fix, find and edit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i Make sure at the end of the sendmail line you […]

Exim4 and php mail

I see people posting all over the place about this, on Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, etc. Basically, the new 4OD are using the DRM features built in to the new Adobe Flash Player, which we unlucky folk on Linux do not have.  But, never to keep us down, there is a […]

4OD on Linux

The one really cool thing about the Sachesi tool is that you can do a non-destructive software upgrade on Linux, Windows or Mac without the need for Blackberry Link. The one big downside is when you get Sachesi telling you that it’s searching for a USB connected device and it […]

Sachesi for Blackberry on Linux (Ubuntu)

I’ve been searching for a quick encode line to get reasonable quality playback on my Blackberry Playbook as I still have it knocking about and it’s handy for long journeys.  Best line I’ve found so far is: ffmpeg -i $inputfile -profile:v baseline -filter:v scale=1024:-2 -pix_fmt yuv420p -b:v 1800k -bufsize 20M […]

Playbook avconv/ffmpeg line

I’ve just signed up to CrashPlan.  I have almost 3TB of data on my computer, only about 100GB of that is irreplaceable but still, it’s good to know I have it backed on somewhere where the NSA can scan it 🙂 CrashPlan has a client for all platforms, including Linux […]

CrashPlan 3.5.3 on xUbuntu 14.04 crash fix

I’m a large fan of Clementine and I’ve been using it to listen to Digitally Imported radio streams for a long time.  Yesterday, I fired up and thought “Today I will have some Chillstep” and when I was confronted with a message telling me about licensing restrictions in the UK, […]

Digitally Imported & blocked in the UK