I had a client that was a school not so long ago and they needed to change the policies based on the user license; if it was a student then set X or faculty then set Y. To help them out, I pieced together this crappy but functional script:

Set Teams policies from powershell script, based on license

You’ve tried “sudo pacman -Syu” and you’ve probably tried “sudo pacman -Syyu” but still Arch is reporting that you’re bang up to date yet no updates have arrived for over a month! No, you’re not up to date in the slightest. Your mirror has gone stale. It’s not a big […]

Arch Linux isn’t receiving updates

We’ve been having an issue at work with our data wrangling boxes and some older USB3 drives, specifically on Debian. It turns out the UAS module breaks some drives from mounting and they never get assigned a device ID correctly. If you plug the USB3 drive in to a USB2 […]

Lacie Rugged USB3 drive not mounting in Linux

Sometimes it’s painful to do something that should be so simple. Once you’ve gotten through the pain of doing SSSD/AD joining, you’ll want domain groups to be able to do “stuff” without hindrance, maybe. Try this line in the file in /etc/sudoers.d/sudoers (you’ll have to create it): %domain\ users ALL=(ALL) […]

Allow Active Directory Domain Users to sudo without password

On thing that I find annoying on Linux is that many compositors haven’t implemented full vsync which will give us screen tearing. KDE has it built in as does Mate (I believe), but I use XFCE and while watching a YouTube video or scrolling through sites you see lots of […]

Stop screen tearing/sheering in Debian with Nvidia cards

I’m not sure why this is on by default, but it’s annoying. Close Evolution before going any further and then just follow along… To remove the dashes you need to have dconf editor installed. In Debian, you can just run: sudo apt install dconf-cli Now you need to tell dconf […]

Remove the signature dashes (–) from Evolution

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of lots of shite in my logs that I don’t want or need. The company email server sits at email.company.com and for some reason Outlook, even though it has correctly set DNS records as a CNAME, SRV and A record, […]

Outlook Autodiscover.xml redirect/rewrite on nginx

This one was stupid and annoying and shouldn’t even have been a thing. If you are already running a HTTPS enabled website that’s WordPress then you may find that by switching to CloudFlare and their Free plan that you get 500 error. Specifically the error being “Too many redirects.” A […]

Cloudflare causes error 500 with https enabled WordPress site

Windows Cannot Find The File Specified
One thing I regularly come across in system’s administration is the handy Mac user that has somehow managed to a white space on the end of a file or folder on the Windows CIFS/SMB share. Windows doesn’t tend to care about it too much until you go to move/rename/delete it […]

Windows delete folder/file/directory with trailing white space

To any newbies with setting up NGINX it can be a dull and painful experience, or an enjoyable one if you’re that way inclined. Installing on Debian is simple but there’s a little trick you MUST remember to do: If you are getting “520 bad gateway” and in your error […]

NGINX 520 bad gateway and error 111 in the error ...

One of things that keeps cropping up is the need to install fonts on to machines that are domained. Up until recently I had my techs go to the machine physically or remote on to install fonts as you have to be an Admin since Vista. If it’s just a […]

Distribute fonts using GPO and a share

I have been fighting with this for a few hours now and finally cracked it. If you have any special characters in your Zoho mail password you cannot use SMTP auth built in to Prestashop 1.6, so forget about it. To get around this you will need to use postfix […]

Prestashop & Zoho mail & Postfix relay